We’re the UK’s largest architectural service for everyday homeowners. We provide home surveys, planning drawings, planning submission and building regulations. Become a project manager contractor – You can work as a project manager as a contractor. Additionally, try and get experience within a Project team or as a project officer. Through your current work environment try and demonstrate how your work can be applied to that of a Project Manager.

Many project managers get appointed to the role after having worked in that particular industry for a significant period of time, as they have lots of related knowledge and skills to bring to the project. With experience, how to become a project manager you could move into senior management or become a freelance consultant. There may be opportunities to use your project management skills to transfer into a different sector such as cyber security or finance.

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This ensures effective communication with stakeholders, team members, clients, and executives. Project management is a powerful business tool that can deliver many advantages to businesses of all sizes. It gives you repeatable processes, guidelines and techniques to help you manage the people and the work involved in your projects. It can increase your chances of success and help you deliver projects consistently, efficiently, on time and on budget. Embracing change to bring new ideas and innovation throughout the project lifecycle is a hallmark of a good project manager.

  • “I still call myself a designer.” He adds that he “loves the early project stage”, when collaborating with architects, designers and other professionals.
  • You can get into project management with a degree in any subject.
  • Business change manager- business change managers are usually responsible for defining the benefits, evaluating progress towards realisation and attaining measured improvements.
  • You’ll be responsible for the planning, delivery and implementation of a new policy or service.
  • The transport industry is essential to help run our country by delivering people and products to where they’re needed.

You should therefore use a variety of approaches and a number of sources when looking for a job such asIT project manager. Programme managers can command above-average project manager salaries, reflecting the level of responsibility that goes with the role and the amount of prior experience required. Check theaverage UK IT project manager salaryon the totaljobs Salary Checker.

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As their name suggests, project managers will take over the day to day running of your project. If you already have a first degree you could study for a postgraduate qualification in construction project management. You can gain the qualifications you need by doing a university or college course, or an apprenticeship. If you already have some experience you may be able to apply for a job directly. You should explore these options to find out which is the right one for you.

what is a project manager

The way the work is managed depends upon a wide variety of factors. A key factor that distinguishes project management from just ‘management’ is that it has this final deliverable and afinite timespan, unlike management which is an ongoing process. Because of this a project professional needs a wide range of skills; often technical skills, and certainly people management skills and good business awareness. This role profile applies to project managers operating at entry level.

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When you work overtime hours, your employer compensates with agreed-upon hourly rates and successful project completion is rewarded with bonuses. Interview with Paloma Hermoso, Senior Project Manager CIOB MAPM, Baker Ruff Hannon. A senior project manager bears the ultimate responsibility for successfully delivering a project and for leading the project team. Previous experience of project management is essential in order to take on this role. The main job of the junior project manager is to assist the senior project manager across the full range of project management tasks.

what is a project manager

Working as a consultant or a construction project manager boosts your wages compared to becoming a marketing or healthcare project manager. Aside from the industry, the company size also plays a role in determining your salary. In a large organisation, project managers oversee a large team and conduct complex projects. That generally translates to more pay compared to smaller businesses. Many project managers start their careers as craftspeople in a particular trade. If you have experience of managing small projects, you could study part-time to gain project management qualifications and get a job in a construction project support team.


You’ll get an SCQF level 6 qualification plus valuable work placement experience and skills you can’t learn in a classroom. Always contact the college, university or training provider to check exactly what you’ll need. You can build your skills through work, study or activities you do in your spare time.

what is a project manager

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